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Great Jobs Within Our Reach: Solving the problem of Washington state's growing job skills gap

Washington state would gain 160,000 jobs, spread across many sectors of its economy, if it fills its job skills gap; generating $720 million in new state tax revenues annually.  That is the conclusion of a new report from the Roundtable and The Boston Consulting Group. According to the research:

  • There are 25,000 “acute” unfilled jobs in Washington today – jobs that have been unfilled for three months or more due to a lack of qualified candidates.  Eighty percent of these jobs are in high-demand health care and high-skill STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines such as computer science and engineering. 
  • The gap is projected to grow by another 5,000 jobs per year, reaching 50,000 jobs, by 2017.  Ninety percent of those openings will be in health care and STEM roles.
  • Due to the multiplier effect, filling the job skills gap will generate an additional 110,000 jobs in Washington across many sectors by 2017.
  • Filling the job skills gap would generate $720 million in annual state tax revenues and $80 million in local tax revenues by 2017.

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- March 27, 2013