Improving Washington’s business climate is the best strategy for fostering economic growth and generating the revenues needed to fund essential public services. Our goal is to ensure Washington is not among the most expensive states for business and policies are put in place to encourage employers to invest, keep and create jobs here. Learn more from WashACE or visit our policy archive.

Since its inception, the Roundtable has been steadfast in its support for state-level policies that will improve public education. We want every student to be prepared for college, career and the great job opportunities that exist in our state. The Roundtable’s education foundation, Partnership for Learning, is a nonprofit, charitable organization working to communicate those policies and bring positive change to the state’s education system. Learn more from Partnership for Learning or visit our policy archive.

Our state economy and citizen well-being is dependent on the efficiency and safety of public infrastructure. The Roundtable is focused on driving policies that will improve Washington’s transportation system and advocates for policies that prioritize and invest in state infrastructure needs, address environmental concerns and ensure high levels of accountability. Learn more from 2013 transportation investment recommendations or visit our policy archive.