Strong support for 24-credit diploma

With just two weeks left in the legislative session, it’s encouraging to see continued progress this week on education policy.  The House Education Committee moved the 24-credit diploma bill. We’re also anticipating a new bill will drop to make a necessary change in the state’s teacher and principal evaluation system.  These are high priorities for the last weeks of the session.  More from Roundtable members on why the 24-credit bill in particular matters so much:

Seattle Times: What does our diploma mean?

From The Seattle Times:

There is little argument about the facts: Fewer than half of all graduating high school seniors in Washington meet basic requirements for admission to public universities, and hundreds of employers say our high school graduates do not have adequate skills in reading, writing or math — even for low-level jobs.

It’s time for a diploma that prepares every student for college and career. Sign the petition to support the 24-credit diploma.