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Seizing the opportunity to invest in transportation – contact your Senator

It’s been 10 years since Washington state last made a significant investment in transportation. Poor road conditions and escalating congestion are salient proof that we must do better.

This legislative session, lawmakers have the opportunity to address the pressing need to invest in mobility. Like education, transportation serves a vital role in a state’s success. Everyone depends on it.

Not making the investment in transportation has significant costs. According the American Society of Civil Engineers, drivers and businesses lose 32.5 million hours a year to travel delays —an estimated $1.1 billion annual loss. If Washington state does nothing, sixty percent of state highway pavement will be “poor” condition or worse by 2026. Deteriorating and unsafe state roads and bridges would translate to higher costs, more crashes, and worsening bottlenecks. Every person in the state will be affected.

At a time when our state population is poised to grow close to thirty percent in the next 10 years, an investment in transportation has left the realm of the should. It is now a must. The state Senate is poised to take action.

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