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New Report: Washington’s Top Transportation Challenges

We’re lucky to live in a growing state. However, the evidence that our state is outgrowing its current transportation system keeps stacking up.

Released today, a new report by TRIP, a Washington, DC based national transportation organization finds Washington state faces, “numerous challenges in providing a transportation system that is safe, well-maintained, efficient and adequately funded.”

The report, Washington’s Top Transportation Challenges: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe, Efficient Mobility and Economic Vitality finds:

  • 34% of urban pavements and 22% of rural pavements are in poor condition
  • Washington drivers spend $2.9 billion ($551 per driver) on vehicle operating costs related to rough roads (accelerated vehicle depreciation, additional repair costs, increased fuel consumption and tire wear)
  • 22% of the state’s bridges don’t meet current highway designs standards
  • Major economic corridors are experiencing significant increases in delays

Additional costs, delays and safety concerns choke commerce and commutes.

In a recent op-ed, Roundtable President Steve Mullin urged state lawmakers to agree on a bipartisan package to improve Washington’s transportation system and fund projects important to Washington families and employers.

“Lawmakers have a real opportunity, the first in a decade, to make strategic transportation investments that would pay substantial dividends for decades to come.”

Without an investment in transportation this legislative session, Washington will miss out on opportunities for economic growth and face reduced quality of life for its citizens.  The clock is winding down on this year’s legislative session. The legislature needs to take action on this critical issue.

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