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In Final Stretch of Legislative Session, Ed Boards Urge Action to Save Public Charter Schools

The shot clock is winding down on the short 2016 legislative session, and the future remains unknown for Washington’s eight public charter schools.

With less than two weeks remaining on the legislative calendar, editorial boards from around the state continue to call on our state’s leaders to find a solution for the state’s charter schools following a Supreme Court ruling last year that declared the funding mechanism for these schools to be unconstitutional.

The Olympian: Charter schools fix deserves action

Charters should be available as a legitimate educational alternative — especially for families and students in poorer households that have been underserved by ordinary public schools — until data show they are not delivering results. So far, results are highly promising.

Yakima Herald: Charter school fix must keep current ones and allow more

The schools already have brought together students, parents, educators and community members who have invested their time and toil to set up the schools. A number of individuals in the Yakima Valley have signaled that they would like to follow suit. The Legislature is letting down these committed charter school supporters — present and future — if they heed the critics who reflexively fear that something different just might be something better.

Seattle Times: Time for drama to end: House should vote on charter schools

Voters wanted charter schools as an option in this state. The Senate approved a bill that answered the Supreme Court’s concerns. The House Education Committee has deliberately let the issue languish and now seems to be obstructing a solution.

A charter school fix was a key policy priority of the Roundtable to start the session, and it remains so today. We urge lawmakers in both parties and in both chambers to find a solution before session adjourns on March 10th.


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