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VIDEO: Rewarding Careers in Health Care at The Everett Clinic

There will be 740,000 job openings in Washington state in the next five years. Job growth here will nearly triple that of the nation. Health care is a vital industry driving that growth with employers offering multiple careers pathways for Washingtonians who have the requisite skills.

“There are a lot of great job opportunities at all levels of the Everett Clinic,” said Chris Knapp, Everett Clinic CEO. Knapp said the company is heavily recruiting new entrants into the workforce, people who are changing jobs, and those who “want to pursue something that has more of a focus on helping people and improving the care and the lives of the communities that we serve.”

For most all of these positions, a successful career begins with a high school diploma followed by a postsecondary credential — a certificate program, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree. Once on the Everett Clinic Team, employees have the resources to further their education to advance their careers.

“There are a lot of opportunities for continued education and continued training,” said Kelsey McGee, a medical assistant at the clinic. “There are lots of programs out there that will help get you in the door, get you where you need to be, and help you pay for it.”

As part of our “Washington Kids for Washington Jobs” outreach effort, we want more kids and families to know about what job opportunities exist in our state, and the pathways to them. Learn more about The Everett Clinic how we can all work together to better prepare Washington kids for success in Washington jobs:

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