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Around The Table: PNNL and Seattle Times

In ‘Around The Table,’ we highlight member news and share information on industry trends. This week, we shine the spotlight on the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and The Seattle Times.

PNNL Honored for Transferring Technology to Private Sector 

A tool to assess and address cyber and physical security issues and an inexpensive way to create a microscope out of a cell phone are being used by businesses and individuals, thanks to teams at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who worked to move them into the marketplace. PACRAT (Physical and Cyber Risk Analysis Tool) discovers potential vulnerabilities by analyzing how cyber and physical systems affect each other, identifying vulnerabilities not found by looking at the systems independently. The laboratory also developed a smartphone microscope which is available at no cost to the public via a free, downloadable 3D printer design. Learn more here.

Seattle Times Hosts Ignite Education Lab

The Seattle Times Education Lab invited 11 teachers to speak at a town hall event in Seattle. The event featured five-minute talks on subjects including teacher burnout, restorative justice, and the meaning of student success. Read more about some of the inspiring stories told by teachers. Videos of the event can be viewed here.



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