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Around The Table: McKinstry Co. and Avista

In ‘Around The Table,’ we highlight member news and share information on industry trends. In this edition, we shine the spotlight on McKinstry Co. and Avista.

McKinstry Celebrates Women in Construction Week

Earlier this month, Seattle-based McKinstry Co. published three blog posts celebrating women and the role they play in building innovation in the construction industry. “At McKinstry, we aspire to a world where there is gender equity in all aspects of the construction industry,” read the blog post. “This means plumbers and pipefitters, sheet metal workers and site superintendents, project engineers and designers. We know that women and men can work together and thrive in all parts of the industry – helping us to build a more innovative, inclusive, creative, and robust future of construction.” One blog post contained excerpts from interviews with five women who work as apprentices in the construction trades for McKinstry. Another post featured Raven Wiley, a commissioning intern in McKinstry’s Dallas office, who has embraced education to develop her career. Read all three posts at

More than 3,000 Students Benefit from Indoor Growing Farms, Thanks to Avista Foundation

With financial support from Avista and other community organizations, more than 3,000 middle school students will be gaining valuable project-based learning (PBL) using indoor hydroponic growing farms. Gizmo-CDA is a non-profit organization committed to developing PBL curriculum. With grant support from Avista and others, they were able to purchase indoor growing farms and training to help teachers incorporate farm development into classroom learning. “The teaching opportunities are vast,” said Barb Mueller, Gizmo-CDA executive director. “Students develop actionable, achievable goals, manage projects and have the ability to analyze the environment. Innovative project-based learning is at the heart of preparing present and future generations to thrive!” In 2018, the Avista Foundation contributed more than $1.97 million to health and human services, community vitality, youth, arts and culture, education and environmental projects and activities in its five-state service area. Learn more here

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