The Roundtable works to effect positive change on public policy issues that are most important to supporting state economic vitality and fostering opportunity for all Washingtonians. That work includes sharing news and analyzing policy developments affecting our state.

Our 2020 Policy Agenda

As we set our sights for the new year, we are happy to share our 2020 Policy Agenda, urging lawmakers to:

  • Deliver a supplemental budget that is sustainable, maintains healthy reserves, limits spending growth, and is supported by tax policy that is predictable and supports economic growth for all.
  • Protect 2015 Connecting Washington investments dedicated to asset preservation
    and maintenance and improvements in key economic corridors. Further degradation of the
    state’s highway and bridge systems in response to funding cuts required by Initiative 976 will
    significantly compromise safe and efficient movement of people and goods and undermine
    economic growth.
  • Support policies that promote economic development and job growth, particularly in
    non-urban regions.
  • Drive progress toward the 70 percent credential attainment goal for Washington

Thank you to all Roundtable board members who contributed to the development of this agenda. We look forward to working together with state leaders to make Washington a better place to live, work, and do business. Click here to read our full 2020 Policy Agenda, and be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for updates throughout the legislative session.

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