Around the Table: Microsoft, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, & Fred Hutch

Urging state legislators to pass a transportation package

Irene Plenefisch from Microsoft recently wrote about the importance of passing a state transportation revenue package soon to make needed infrastructure improvements.

Supporting equity and inclusion

Boeing recently presented a donation of $50,000 to the Black Future Co-op Fund, a cooperative philanthropy that aims to ignite Black generational health, wealth, and well-being across the state. Read more here.

Encouraging COVID and flu vaccination

Kaiser Permanente is raising awareness about the importance of receiving the flu and COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more here.

Being recognized for COVID research

Dr. Trevor Bedford, an infectious disease scientist at Fred Hutch, is a recent recipient of the 2021 MacArthur Fellowship. Bedford studies the spread and evolution of viruses; his research has been key to tracking and understanding COVID. In addition, Fred Hutch researchers are testing whether COVID drugs can help patients recover from the virus faster.