The Roundtable works to effect positive change on public policy issues that are most important to supporting state economic vitality and fostering opportunity for all Washingtonians. That work includes sharing news and analyzing policy developments affecting our state.

Around the Table: Wells Fargo, Mckinstry, Microsoft, Boeing

Happy to share some recent announcements from some of our members:

Commitment to sustainability: Wells Fargo continues to direct funds toward sustainable products and services as part of its commitment to deploy $500 billion in sustainable financing by 2030. As part of its commitment to a healthy environment, McKinstry is partnering with the City of Tacoma to process biogas found in wastewater into a renewable fuel source.

Innovate for Inclusion: In their ongoing effort to increase transparency and accountability, Microsoft shared data from their Global Diversity and Inclusion Report highlighting the continuous year-after-year effort to increase representation across the workplace. “While always committed, we’re now unapologetic in the standards we’ve set and the behaviors we expect,” said Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Chief Diversity Officer at Microsoft.

Supporting student success: Boeing is investing in a new student success center in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture on WSU’s Pullman campus to provide 4,200 students access to mentoring, tutoring, advising, and career services.

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