Our Priorities for 2024

Washington state has demonstrated remarkable resilience in recent years despite profound national and global challenges. Thanks to the strength and diversity of our economic base, unemployment in Washington in 2023 was among its lowest levels in six decades. State revenue growth, while slowing, is projected to remain positive through the next two biennia. However, slowing global economic growth and geopolitical turbulence pose significant downside risks.

As we look to 2024, we urge lawmakers to protect Washington’s economic foundation in 2024. This includes a commitment to sustainable fiscal policy, infrastructure investments that support economic vitality and quality of life, and focused efforts to ensure young people and adults—across all racial and ethnic communities—are positioned to complete the credentials needed to achieve their aspirations, support their families, and help our economy thrive.

Learn more about our priorities for the new legislative session in our 2024 Policy Agenda.