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CASE STUDY: Chehalis Student Achievement Initiative


A new case study shared by our education foundation, Partnership for Learning, takes a deep dive to celebrate a decade of success of the Chehalis Student Achievement Initiative – an effort back by the Chehalis School District and Chehalis Foundation to ensure students graduate high school and go on to earn the credentials they need to realize their aspirations and support their own economic mobility. The high school graduation rate went from 77% to 95% in a decade, far outdistancing the state graduation rate.  More than half (51%) of students are now graduating high school having completed the course requirements necessary to enter the state’s public four-year college and university.  And, even better, 62% are enrolling in a postsecondary program the fall after high school graduation.  These are wins to be celebrated as the region keeps its eyes trained on the goal of having 75% of students earn the credentials they need to be responsible, contributing citizens.  They are getting there through a strong commitment to post-high school mindset for all students, rigorous academic coursework, expanded student and family supports, and strong partnerships.

Download and share the case study. 

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