The Washington Roundtable board is comprised of senior executives of major private sector employers in Washington state. Our members work together to effect positive change on public policy issues that they believe are most important to supporting state economic vitality and fostering opportunity for all Washingtonians.

    • “I’m proud to be a part of the Washington Roundtable, an organization that is working to create economic opportunities for communities across the state. The Roundtable brings together senior business leaders from major private sector employers in the state to work on policy that will have lasting positive benefits for the state as a whole.”

      –Betsy Cowles, Chairman, Cowles Company

      “The members of the Washington Roundtable include a wide range of businesses from across our state focused on creating opportunities and increasing the quality of life for Washington residents through increased academic achievement, infrastructure investment, and overall economic prosperity.”

      –Ron E. Armstrong, CEO, PACCAR, Inc.

      “I’m proud to be a part of the Washington Roundtable, an organization that is working to create economic opportunities for communities across the state. The Washington Roundtable actively advocates for economic policy issues that matter most for our state’s collective future”

      –Brian Stading, President, West Region, CenturyLink

      “As employers and as citizens, we care deeply about this state. Through the Roundtable’s work, we seek to play a positive and collaborative role in building a better future for all Washingtonians. ”

      –Scott Morris, Chairman, President & CEO, Avista Corp.

      “As a Roundtable member, I value the opportunity to come together with fellow senior executives from the private sector to leverage our collective knowledge and experience to advance solutions aimed at making Washington a great place to live, work and do business. ”

      –Kimberly J. Harris, President and CEO, Puget Sound Energy

      “An education that prepares students for career and college is critical to Washington’s future. The Roundtable and its education foundation, Partnership for Learning, rally partners from across the state to achieve a collective goal: raise student achievement so all of our young people have access to great opportunities. ”

      –Brad Tilden, Chairman, President & CEO, Alaska Airlines, Inc.

    • The Roundtable applies the knowledge, creativity and expertise of Washington’s senior business leaders to the policy issues that matter most to our state and its citizens. Our board members are the senior executives of Washington companies or ranking executives of companies headquartered elsewhere that have significant presence here. A select number of board seats are reserved for citizen members and other business leaders who bring unique experience, knowledge or expertise.

      Betsy Cowles *, Roundtable Chair;
      Chairman, Cowles Company

      Ron E. Armstrong *, Roundtable Vice Chair
      CEO, PACCAR Inc.

      Brian Stading *, Roundtable Secretary & Treasurer;
      President, West Region, CenturyLink

      Dean C. Allen
      McKinstry Co. LLC

      Bob Allendorfer
      Refinery Manager
      BP Cherry Point

      René Ancinas
      Chairman & CEO
      Port Blakely Companies

      Dr. Steven Ashby
      Laboratory Director
      Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

      Orlando D. Ashford
      Holland America Line

      George D. Bartell
      Bartell Drug Company

      Theodor P. Baseler
      President & CEO
      Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

      Brent Beardall
      President & CEO
      Washington Federal

      Frank A. Blethen
      Publisher & CEO
      The Seattle Times

      Betsy Cadwallader
      Seattle Market President
      U.S. Bank

      Phyllis J. Campbell
      Chairman, Pacific Northwest
      JP Morgan Chase

      Megan Clubb
      L’Ecole Nº 41

      Rick Cooper
      Director, Northwest Market President, DMG
      The Everett Clinic

      Steve Cooper
      TrueBlue, Inc.

      Craig Dawson
      President & CEO
      Retail Lockbox, Inc.

      Reggie Fils-Aime
      President & COO
      Nintendo of America, Inc.

      Daniel S. Fulton **
      CEO, Retired
      Weyerhaeuser Company

      Kimberly Harris *
      President & CEO
      Puget Sound Energy

      Bill Hilf
      Vulcan, Inc.

      Barbara B. Hulit
      Senior Vice President
      Fortive Corporation

      Brad Jackson
      Slalom Consulting

      Kevin Johnson
      President & CEO

      Gary Kaplan
      Chairman & CEO
      Virginia Mason Medical Center

      Mary A. Knell
      CEO, Washington & Western Canada
      Wells Fargo

      Tod Leiweke
      CEO & Team President
      Seattle Hockey Partners

      Howard C. Lincoln **
      Chairman & CEO, Retired
      Seattle Mariners

      Amy Lynch
      Vice President, Washington Region

      Kevin Mather
      President & CEO
      Seattle Mariners

      Kevin McAllister
      President & CEO, Commercial Airplanes
      The Boeing Company

      Stanley B. McCammon
      President & CEO
      Joshua Green Corporation

      Stan W. McNaughton
      President & CEO
      PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company

      Tony Mestres
      President & CEO
      Seattle Foundation

      Scott Morris *
      Chairman, President & CEO
      Avista Corporation

      Colin Moseley
      Green Diamond Resource Co.

      Susan Mullaney
      President, Washington Region
      Kaiser Permanente

      Carol K. Nelson
      Pacific Region Executive & Seattle Market President

      Blake W. Nordstrom *

      Bart Ricketts
      Lease Crutcher Lewis

      Jeff Roe
      CEO & President
      Premera Blue Cross

      George W. Rowley
      Rowley Properties, Inc.

      Stan Ryan
      President & CEO

      David Sabey
      Sabey Corporation

      Julie Sandler
      Managing Director
      PSL Ventures

      Kerri Schroeder
      Seattle Market President
      Bank of America

      Michael Senske
      President & CEO
      Pearson Packaging Systems

      Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D.
      Chairman, President & CEO
      Seattle Genetics, Inc.

      Doyle Simons
      President & CEO
      Weyerhaeuser Company

      Steve Singh
      CEO & Chairman
      Docker Inc.

      Bradford L. Smith *
      President & Chief Legal Officer
      Microsoft Corporation

      John W. Stanton **
      Managing Partner
      Trilogy Partnership

      Peter Stanton
      Chairman & CEO
      Washington Trust Bank

      Mark N. Tabbutt *
      Saltchuk Resources, Inc.

      Brad Tilden *
      President & CEO
      Alaska Airlines, Inc.

      Jeffery S. Vincent
      President & CEO
      Laird Norton Company

      Geoff Wood
      CEO & Co-President

      * Executive Committee
      ** Council of Former Directors

    • How does the Roundtable determine the issues it will focus on?

      We focus on a select number of issues that our members believe are most important to supporting economic vitality and fostering opportunity for all Washingtonians. We consider issues possibly under consideration by state leaders, and where we believe the knowledge and expertise of our members can most affect positive change.

      How does one become a member of the Washington Roundtable?

      Candidates for membership must be the senior executive of a Washington state company or the ranking executive of a company headquartered elsewhere that has significant business presence here. A select number of board seats are reserved for citizen members and other business leaders who bring unique experience, knowledge or expertise.

      Is the Washington Roundtable a government organization?

      No. Although we work to address state policy issues, we are not affiliated with or supported by the public sector.

      Does the Washington Roundtable endorse candidates or sponsor bills or ballot measures?

      We focus on policy, not politics. We work closely with elected officials and policymakers to support sound policy and affect positive change via the legislative process. In select cases, we will play an active role in ballot measure campaigns that directly relate to our core areas of focus. We do not engage in political races, endorse or support candidates running for elective office.

      Are there Roundtables in every state and are they organized the same way?

      There are state roundtables in one form or another in many states. Each is organized and has a membership reflective of its needs and mission. We often share information and ideas with other state roundtable organizations, but we have no formal affiliations.

    • Partnership for Learning –

      Partnership for Learning, the education foundation of the Washington Roundtable, is a statewide nonprofit organization that communicates the need for all Washington’s students to graduate from high school ready for career and college. As a trusted source of information, Partnership for Learning makes complex education issues accessible.